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Royalreel Productions represents a group of world-class talent that excel in their diverse approaches to storytelling, visual styles,

And performance genres. Royalreel Productions can never face a technical glitch because it is blessed with superpowers of an in-house software engineer.

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Our mission is to solve the biggest problem most productions face: finding and hiring qualified professionals by providing the tools and resources needed on our global network.

We work with the finest post production houses in the region. We provide offline and online editing, special effects, animation, dubbing, sound engineering and music. From lighting and staging to A/V techs, we’ll make your service reach to the heavens.

We know that the success of our business is directly related to the success of our clients.

We believe in listening carefully responding quickly to the needs of our clients and constantly expand our services and deliver high quality products. No matter what you need for a production, we’ll help you find it with plenty of time before the camera’s start rolling.

Each any every production has their own value and needs, we plan unique and different ideas for the production with the new marketing strategy with the help of entertainment show and publicity (print, electronic, fm, hoarding, etc).

At Royalreel Productions, we understand your need to express your ideas in moving images and sound.

Web Series:

We are pioneered to produce high quality web films on the very competitive price. We have involved ourselves in music, special effects, designing character, to make a long-lasting impact on Television, Radio, OTTs, etc.

A web series is designed like a television series which has ongoing episodes except that it’s watched on the web. Web-series are shows which can be streamed online.

Production Management

Production refers to the creation of goods and services for consumption by the society. Production management involves application, organizing, directing and controlling the production process.

Training & Education Films

A training film is a form of educational film that provides a short subject documentary movie that provides an introduction to a topic. Both narrative documentary and dramatisation styles may be used.

Music Videos

If you get an option of listening a song or watching a video of that song, which one would you choose? Video right! Good Music have no Expiry date. When you have a picture of a song there’s always a video in your mind.

AD Films

Ad Films is always been an effective way to capture audience’s attention. These films are used to promote a company, brand and business by bringing ideas, products or services in attention of customers.

Corporate Film Production

We are specialize in all forms of corporate video production that include Audio-Visuals, Company Profile, Marketing Films..

Induction Videos, Client Testimonials, Training Films, Product demos and many more. Right from understanding your requirements to scripts and their execution, we provide best video solutions.

Our Team

Our experienced, skilful and committed production team will then strive to support these talents to get the best out of them and turn a vision into a reality on image.

Ajay Yadav

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R.M. Swamy

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Manoj Srivastav

VFX Supervisor
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